We are 55 committed specialists working from our 3 offices in Denmark. We offer a wide range of advisory services within private and commercial legal matters nationwide – with a global reach.

Advokatgruppen is a full-service law firm with 3 offices in Denmark. In addition, one of our lawyers works in Turkey.
Our expertise is client-focused legal advice in a straightforward manner.

We assist in matters within both business law and matters regarding the private sphere. We also advise associations, including industry associations, and public authorities.

We are lawyers for clients both inside and outside the borders of Denmark, and we work with both Danish, foreign and international legal matters.

As individuals and companies, we are a very adaptive entity that is evolving every day. We believe in old virtues and common sense, but in the wrapping of the present and the future.


Advokatgruppen is one of the founding members of Multilaw, which is a network of independent law firms.

With a presence in 100 countries and access to 10,000 lawyers around the world, Multilaw provides a global reach as well as local insight.

Since 2015, Multilaw has been ranked as an Elite Law Firm Network. We are committed to provide you with tailored legal advice in, to or from Denmark, which include The Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Additionally, via our Multilaw Law Firm Network Advokatgruppen can offer you access to competent and knowledgeable lawyers anywhere.

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