At Advokatgruppen, we focus on continuous competence development of our lawyers, and in recent years we have had a special focus on the development of our business law team. As a result, we now have a deeply specialized team within business law. Below you can read a short description of three of our partners, who are part of the business law team.

Søren Merrild Bie advises exclusively within business law, where he specializes in negotiation, company law, restructuring and the purchase / sale of companies, as well as real estate. Søren primarily advises owner-managed companies, where he works both as a specialist lawyer within his professional areas and overall advisor to the entire company / owners. In addition, Søren holds several board positions, where he helps to develop the companies.

Claus Winther specializes in construction law. Here, Claus advises in cases concerning AB 92, ABT 93, AB 18, ABT 18, ABR 18, including complex contractual matters within construction, as well as adviser liability, deficiencies, delays, tenders and tenders. In addition, Claus advises and leads litigation and arbitration proceedings for a number of local, regional and national construction and advisory firms as well as on the client side.

Nicolai Brommann Carøe, who is the managing partner of the Advokatgruppen, has many years of experience as an adviser in employment law and M&A.  Nicolai has assisted clients with several lawsuits in connection with obtaining the right to appear before the Supreme Court. In addition, Nicolai has experience in business operations through participation in boards and advisory boards.

Our total team consists of more than 26 dedicated lawyers, all of whom provide their utmost to give our clients the best experience. This can be done because we work across areas of law with our clients in focus. Today we have a solid business team that can solve all types of cases in business law. If you need an experienced lawyer who can guarantee to help you with your business case, then you are very welcome to call us on +45 70 10 13 30.

Nicolai Carøe
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