Fine of DKK. 100.000 for violation of GDPR

The court in Aarhus has per. on 12 February 2021 handed down the first Danish GDPR judgment, and the Court has imposed a fine of DKK 100,000 on the company Ilva A / S. Ilva A / S had unnecessarily stored around 350,000 personal data in an older and almost phased-out customer data system.

It was the Danish Data Protection Agency that recommended the case to the prosecution with a decision that the fine should be DKK 1.5 million. The prosecution subsequently agreed with this decision.

These were mediating circumstances

The court in Aarhus ruled that Ilva A / S’s violation of GDPR GDP’s rules had been negligent, and that it was merely an oversight. In addition, the Court found it reprehensible that the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Danish Data Protection Agency had not taken acceptable consideration in the mediating direction of the circumstances which make the assessment of an illegal act more lenient, as these mitigating circumstances appear directly from the GDPR rules.

These were the following mediating circumstances:

  • A first-time offense
  • The information was not of a personal nature
  • The customer data system in which the information was located was older and partly phased out
  • No registered persons were injured
  • The infringement was of a formal nature

Ilva A / S had also carried out a number of compliance measures to ensure that the company’s legal and IT technical systems were in accordance with the GDPR’s set of rules. There were a total of 57 computer systems. This weighed heavily in the Court’s assessment.

This verdict is the first that has been handed down in the courts, and the case will most likely be appealed to the High Court. We at Advokatgruppen therefore follow the ruling with great interest. If you are more interested in GDPR, you can read about the Danish Data Protection Agency’s new guide on calculating GDPR fines for companies here.

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