Congratulations to Anna Wendelboe Hansen, who is now a fully-fledged lawyer

Anna Wendelboe Hansen has on 2 August 2021 completed her law degree after having been an associate lawyer at Advokatgruppen. Here, Anna has been a part of tAdvokatgruppen’s private law team, where she has dealt with a wide range of areas, including wills, estates, marriage contracts, forced removals – also in international cases. In addition, she has assisted Advokatgruppen’s estate agent with spousal changes. Anna continues as a lawyer at Advokatgruppen.

“We are very proud that Anna wants to continue with Advokatgruppen. With her fantastic overview, high professional work level and good work ethic, she is an indispensable part of our team. One of the competencies that really makes Anna an asset to Advokatgruppen is her exceptionally good ability to advise at eye level with her clients, and the way she always manages to meet the clients where they are. We only experience satisfaction from Anna’s clients – and we look forward to continuing to have Anna on the team in the future ”, says Helle Brandt, partner and lawyer at Advokatgruppen.

Regarding her approach to working as a lawyer, Anna says: “As a family law lawyer, it is important for me to be very detail-oriented legally and always be up-to-date with both the laws and practice in the field. However, it is at least as important to me that I meet my clients where they are. When a client needs a family law attorney, this can be caused by a very difficult situation for the client such as. a divorce where all emotions are at play. Therefore, I see it as essential to meet the client at eye level. This interplay between complex law and humanity is for me the most exciting field in the legal profession. I am therefore happy and proud that I must continue to be part of the Advokatgruppen’s private law team, as we share the same values ​​”.

Anna became part of Advokatgruppen as a law student in 2015, and has taken the education as a legal assistant, among other things. under the guidance of Jørgen Merrild Bie, who has been her principal.

“We wish Anna great congratulations on her new, well-deserved title as a lawyer. We are pleased that we can continue to benefit from Anna’s wide range of competencies and positive, committed approach. Anna also contributes i.a. with its English-language competencies, which means that Advokatgruppen can also advise international clients, which is part of the strategy for Advokatgruppen. Anna has an exceptional ability to put herself in the customers’ place and provide understandable advice, as well as finding the solution that makes the best sense for the client, and this is expressed by great satisfaction from Anna’s clients “, says Nicolai Brommann Carøe, managing partner at Advokatgruppen.

Anna Wendelboe Hansen skilsmisseadvokat privatret børnesager forældremyndighed horsens aarhus fredericia
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