Advokatgruppen assists Egebjerg Bakke with the sale of 42 terraced houses to Niam

Advokatgruppen has assisted Egebjerg Bakke ApS with all the legal advice associated with the sale of the 3rd stage of the total of 102 terraced houses built in Egebjerg Bakke. The offer obligation associated with the transaction has just been completed. The law group’s team consisted of partner Søren Merrild Bie who handled the actual business transfer, Michael Bach Jensen assisted with the contract law advice and Nicolai Brommann Carøe was in charge of and carried out the tender obligation.

Jesper Juul Troelsen, director of Egebjerg Bakke, says: “Advokatgruppen has been our legal adviser from A to Z, and we have experienced super advice at all hours of the day. We have felt in safe hands throughout the process and look forward to continuing the collaboration in the future. ”

About Egebjerg Bakke

Egebjerg Bakke consists of a total of 102 terraced houses, which have been offered for sale and rent on an ongoing basis since 2017. The terraced houses are characterized by modernity and are surrounded by beautiful nature, while being located at Egebjerg town center not far from Horsens Midtby. The sale to the Swedish real estate investor Niam took place in pairs with Nordicals A / S Horsens.