Advokatgruppen advises Messe C on the sale of buildings

Messe C has just sold its buildings to Fredericia Municipality. The deal means that Messe C is now even stronger in relation to future trade fair operations, while Fredericia’s status as a prominent conference and trade fair city is also secured in the future. Experienced lawyers from Advokatgruppen Nicolai Brommann Carøe and Michael Sønderskov have assisted Messe C in negotiating the purchase agreement.

Exhibit C is, with its 33,000 square meters, one of Denmark’s largest exhibition, event and conference centers. The exhibition center annually attracts up to 300,000 visitors to various cultural events, which i.a. contributes to Fredericia Municipality’s business development and business tourism.

Grethe Højgaard, CEO of Messe C, says: “We are very satisfied with Advokatgruppen, who stepped in at short notice at a critical time. They helped steer the process into the final phase and was ready to deal with all the unforeseen issues that suddenly arose in the negotiations. With Advokatgruppen’s help, everything fell into place to the great joy of all stakeholders, which also secured the future of one of the most important cultural facilitators in the city. ”

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