Advokatgruppen is a part of one of the largest and most recognized global law networks, Multilaw, which counts over 10,000 lawyers in more than 100 countries.

What is Multilaw?

Multilaw is a global network of 90 internationally oriented law firms in 100 countries with more than 10.000 lawyers.

Advokatgruppen is one of the founding members of Multilaw. Through the years, we have established a long track record of cases where we have provided legal advice to a wide range of international clients, from small start-ups to big enterprises.

If you consider establishing or investing in a company in Denmark, if you are to agree with a business domiciled in Denmark – or if you have a legal question related to Denmark, we will be happy to assist you, too.

Read more about multilaw and their ranking as elite law firm network right here.

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