Career tracks – where do you fit in?


We are always looking for skilled and qualified lawyers who have ambitions to make Advokatgruppen even better. It is crucial that you share the view of our values ​​and that you are willing to enter social contexts in the office.

All lawyers at Advokatgruppen build up their portfolio. When hiring, a specific marketing strategy is prepared for the individual so that your strengths and competencies are best brought into play for the benefit of all.

Focus and specialization are a prerequisite for providing the high standard of legal services that Advokatgruppen stands for. Therefore, all employees must become familiar with which case areas the individual would like to work with and where we have the right competencies.

Customer contact is crucial, and it is expected that our employees are sociable and desire to get out of the house and seek new customers.

We focus on the fact that all people are different, and therefore there are also other paths to success. Consequently, it is also individual whether your marketing strategy should involve participating in networks or whether you want to make your name known by writing articles or something completely different.

Younger lawyers have the opportunity to participate in our Multilaw activities, including participation in an annual Multilaw Academy with the participation of other younger lawyers from around the world.

Assistant Attorney

When we hire Assistant Attorneys, it is always with the clear expectation that the employment relationship should continue long after the Assistant Attorney training has been completed.

Therefore, from day one, you will be considered as a fully integrated part of the team of which you are apart.

We want you to have an idea of ​​the direction you want to go early in the process, but there must always be room to discover new areas of interest.

We must primarily work with the areas that we are passionate about because it provides the best effort, job satisfaction, and the best result for our customers.

All attorneys will follow the Bar Association’s attorney education, and a plan will be made that ensures all the necessary qualifications to pass the education.

Assistant Attorneys can also participate in Multilaw’s exchange program, where you can be allowed to try your hand at what it is like to work abroad.

Student assistant 

As a student assistant in Advokatgruppen, you will be allowed to work with some of the challenges you face in the job as a lawyer. Therefore, the daily tasks will primarily be case-related, where you will gain insight into both the theoretical and practical processing of a case.

Examples of tasks that current students have performed are preparing draft pleadings in litigation, the practice of draft company law documents and the drafting of wills and marriage contracts and leases.

Experienced student assistants have independently handled minor cases in close collaboration with the responsible lawyer, e.g. appeals in the Rent Board.

A significant degree of independence requires that your theoretical skills be in order. At the same time, you must communicate this knowledge in an easily understandable way that our customers can understand.


Everyday life as a caseworker in Advokatgruppen is characterized by a considerable degree of independence, where the individual case officer has a great responsibility for their cases.

Specialization is a prerequisite for providing the high standard of legal services that the Advokatgruppen stands for, which also applies to case officers. Therefore, you will be associated with a team and a specific case area, not necessarily a particular lawyer.

We focus on our caseworkers being able to independently organize the working day and prioritize the tasks that need to be solved. There will always be the opportunity for sparring in the individual teams.

We continuously ensure that our caseworkers have the most up-to-date knowledge and organize continuing education on an ongoing basis, both through internal teaching and knowledge sharing, as well as externally by participating in courses.

The recruitment processes

How do I apply?

Advokatgruppen regularly posts job postings on the website and and similar websites.

You are also always welcome to send an unsolicited application with a CV, as well as relevant attachments.

Applications are sent to Executive Secretary Lone Toft Axelsen at


We hold interviews with all potential candidates, where we would like to have a sense of what qualifications you can contribute to Advokatgruppen, both professionally and personally.

The first interview is usually with the managing partner and the acting head of the branch office to which the position relates.

We do not use the preparation of personality tests connected with the recruitment process but see it as something positive if you have familiarized yourself with what type you are.

It would be best to clarify what is important to you when choosing a workplace. Therefore, we ask you to make a list of the 20 most important elements that your job should contain and that motivate you and at the same time a list of 5 elements that your job should preferably not contain. That way, we can clarify whether we can offer you what you are looking for.

At the end of the interview, it is agreed what the further course of the process will be, including when feedback will be given on any other interview.

In the second interview, there will also be the participation of the managing partner and then the lawyer that you will work with either as the case lawyer or as the leader of the professional team that you will be part of.

What is it like to work at Advokatgruppen?

The company

Advokatgruppen is a full-service law firm with almost 50 employees in 3 offices in East Jutland. In addition, one of our lawyers works in Turkey.

Advokatgruppen has existed since 1987 and is a well-established company with in-depth knowledge of the law industry and the East Jutland market.

At the same time, Advokatgruppen has a long history of serving clients from all parts of Denmark, connected with several specialities within, among other things, home sales, personal injury compensation, family law and debt collection.

Our size means building both a copper tent and a specialized business department and a private law department among the best in the region.

Advokatgruppen also has many cases for international clients and participates in cross-border transactions.

Advokatgruppen is the Danish part of one of the largest and most recognized global law networks, Multilaw, which has over 8,000 lawyers worldwide. This network provides access to serve our customers with expert knowledge of all world regions. It allows us to work on cases concerning multinational companies referred to us by other of our colleagues in the network. You can read more at

We work intensively to ensure that all employees have an in-depth knowledge of the areas they work in. To build this knowledge, it is necessary to focus on individual subject areas. This is why we have organized ourselves into teams where there is the opportunity for knowledge sharing and sparring.

We are constantly working to ensure the proper distribution of cases so that customers are always serviced by the team with the most in-depth knowledge of the case area. Therefore, we have also set up competence centres so that the cases are gathered where the specialists sit.

The culture

In Advokatgruppen, we are very aware of our values. Our set of values ​​has been clarified in collaboration with the entire organization, and all employees have helped to influence the understanding of these values.

Our culture is characterized by a focus on an enthusiasm for the tasks we perform. Advokatgruppen believes that a prerequisite for a good result for both the client and for Advokatgruppen is that our employees are enthusiastic about their workplace and the tasks that are performed. We want all our employees to be happy to come to work and have maintained this joy entirely until the end of the working day.

We are constantly working to cultivate openness in the organization so that everyone is involved in what is going on in the company and how direction we are going.

To achieve the desired results, we work efficiently and use the latest technology. Thereby we can create a better workplace and the best solutions for our customers.

We do not focus on the individual having to work many hours, and we would rather ensure that the same work is done in a shorter time. We focus on a healthy balance between work and private life, and that space is provided for you to be an active part of your own family at the same time as your career.

Advokatgruppen has achieved increased efficiency in processing by focusing on cooperation instead of internal competition and removing the internal barriers preventing effective case processing.

As an employee of Advokatgruppen, you will experience skilled, committed and enthusiastic people throughout the organization.

Everyone in Advokatgruppen works for the common goal of providing the best solution for our clients.

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