Domain names

We advise on the set of rules for domain names

For obvious reasons, it is vital to have the right domain name and then take good care of it.

Domains in Denmark

In Denmark, we have a relatively unique regulation of .dk domains. Thus, it is not always “first come, first served” or that you can use (or refrain from using) your .dk domain names as you wish.

In general, you must comply with the rules for “good domain name practice”. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the domain name. You must also not register a word if it the only purpose is to sell it to another at a profit.

What “good domain name practice” entails is not precisely defined in the law, with full intent. This means that the closer interpretation of this is made by the Complaints Board for Domain Names and the courts.

Let specialized lawyers help you.

We have many years of experience conducting cases concerning the rights to domain names. Over the years, we have helped our clients have these handed over to them or defend their existing domain names.

We also want to help you gain control of a domain name others have unjustifiably registered or defend your domain names if others try to take them over.

You are always welcome to contact our lawyers for a free, brief assessment of your case.

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