Marketing and intellectual property law

Protect the value of your business

Your company’s intangible assets are of great importance and they define your company and services outwardly. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your intellectual property rights, but also your marketing, which is an important element when you want to create a connection between consumers and your services.

At Advokatgruppen, we have specialized lawyers who are happy to help you protect your company’s rights. We can also help you ensure that your marketing complies with all aspects of the Marketing Act and other legislation.

The Marketing Act

Today, you have many options in terms of marketing your business. You can, for example, choose to use social media, by using an influencer or other digital platforms. However, you should be aware that social media marketing is in rapid development and this rapid development is creating greater requirements for your marketing. Especially because there is an increased focus on consumer protection. At Advokatgruppen, we can help you with everything from complying with good marketing practice to avoiding “hidden advertising”.

Copyright and design

Many companies experience getting a good idea, and soon after, a competitor gets the exact same good idea. How should one behave in such a situation, and what should one do, when the roles are suddenly reversed? Either way, it is important that you keep track of your copyright and other intellectual property rights.


With our current societal development, one can no longer go about one’s daily routine without becoming acquainted with a brand in some form or another. A good brand, for example, allows your customers to instantly differentiate you from your competitors. One can say that a brand separates discount from quality, the known from the unknown. That’s why it’s important to protect your rights – you should especially protect your brand and trademarks, as they can be the most important assets in your business.

We are ready to advise you

At Advokatgruppen, we have skilled lawyers with a unique knowledge of marketing law and intellectual property law. We are ready to advise you, whether you need to your rights secured or defended – perhaps you yourself are accused of having come too close to another’s rights? Advokatgruppen has specialists ready to help you. Contact us – we will be happy to have a free and non-binding first conversation with you.

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