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Get your own ad hoc legal department, where services and resources are tailored precisely to what your business needs!

For the company that wants a comprehensive legal solution that is both flexible, uncomplicated and provides “value for money”.

We offer ad hoc legal advice

Advokatgruppen now offers a unique opportunity for companies that do not have their own legal department.

All companies are entitled to qualitative and value-creating advice. However, not all companies have the opportunity to establish their own legal department, just as the cost of an external lawyer deters many companies from getting the necessary legal advice and thereby being ahead of the legal challenges.

Therefore, Advokatgruppen has developed a concept where the company can have the legal advice tailored to its needs and ambitions and thereby have the opportunity to be ahead.

In other words, we now offer the company its own flexible legal department without having to hire, lead and manage it itself. There are no obligations and no bindings. We lend our best people to the company. These are highly qualified lawyers, all with a relevant business law background.

This is how the Advokatgruppen advises

  1. Non-binding meeting

Initially, Advokatgruppen offers to come out for a non-binding meeting, where we jointly take the temperature of the company’s legal situation.

  1. Proposal for a model of Legal Services

Advokatgruppen then prepares a free proposal for a model of Legal Services, which is tailored to the company’s wishes and needs, and suggestions for a price model and other terms.

  1. Company visits

A number of days will typically be set aside, during which the lawyer reviews the company’s matters at the company itself. Collaboration with the company’s relevant employees provides the necessary information and documentation for the legal review.

  1. Report with a legal overview, recommendations, and priorities
    1. Overview. The information obtained forms the basis for preparing a legal report, in which all relevant legal matters that have been uncovered are described.
    2. Recommendations. The report will also contain recommendations for future handling and resolution of the various legal issues.
    3. Priorities. Recommendations and proposals are also prepared for prioritizing the legal matters in order to make sure the company has the best possible decision-making basis regarding the further work on and weighing of the legal matters.

Some of the typical areas of the report will be:

  • Company structure / ownership
  • Contractual conditions for employees, particularly senior executives
  • Contractual relationships with partners, suppliers, customers, etc.
  • Compliance matters within, for example, GDPR, competition law, IP law, marketing law, employment law, etc.
  1. Action plan

Based on the legal report and recommendations, a legal action plan is drawn up in dialogue with the company’s management in order to safely guide the company through its legal challenges.

  1. Follow-up, incl. subscription solution

Depending on the company’s wishes and needs, a follow-up is agreed upon in more detail, including the possibility of further legal assistance in connection with the actual handling of the various legal matters.

Regarding the need for further advise, it will be possible to provide legal services on desirable subscription terms within some legal areas. The company then pays a fixed monthly fee to receive ongoing legal advice.


The main characteristic of Legal Services is that there is total flexibility and transparency in both services and price.

Many options:

1) It is possible to make a fixed price agreement on all or parts of the Legal Service package.

2) We charge according to the time used but at exceptionally favourable prices compared to ordinary lawyer’s fees.

3) It is possible to combine both fixed price and time consumption-based payment, depending on the company’s wishes and needs.

4) It is possible to subscribe for selected legal services covering parts of the follow-up legal counselling.

Legal Services will always include the following:

  1. A general review of the company’s legal status is carried out at the company, where relevant employees/management are involved to the necessary extent.
  2. A report of the areas reviewed
  3. Conclusions on legal matters and challenges
  4. A Legal action plan with priority areas for action

Contact us for more information.

Contact the Advokatgruppen’s Legal Services teams and find out more about the options.



Anders has a long-standing background as a business lawyer, among other things as self-employed and an entrepreneur, and he deals with a wide range of business law matters, including various commercial contracts, the purchase and sale of companies, employment law, ownership agreements, commercial disputes and conducting court and arbitration proceedings. In addition, he has a great deal of negotiation experience, including commercial negotiations and actual dispute resolution.

For several years, Anders has also been Head of Legal / Chief Legal Officer in several large Danish and international companies, thereby gaining significant experience in structuring and resolving the company’s legal needs in collaboration with the organization’s management and other stakeholders. Through this, he has gained a considerable expertise in franchise companies and the unique legal issues associated with this business type both nationally and internationally.

His legal advice is permeated by a strong commercial mindset, where it is crucial for him that his clients receive reliable, value-creating and solution-oriented advice.


Contact details:

Direct: +45 87 32 81 84

Mobile: + 45 51 43 17 71


Søren Merrild Bie, Partner and Attorney:

Søren works exclusively with business law, where he has specialized in negotiation, company law, restructuring and buying/selling companies.

The majority of his clients are owner-managed companies, where he works both as a specialist lawyer within his professional areas and overall advisor to the entire company and its owners.

In addition, Søren holds several board positions, where he helps to develop the companies. He also has unique experience and know-how in the restaurant industry. Søren is also part of our teams for e-sports and Legal Services.

Finally, Søren is a regular writer of a legal column for Jysk Fynske Medier’s business section (Horsens Folkeblad, Vejle Amts Folkeblad and Fredericia Dagblad).

Contact details: 

Mobile: + 45 29 26 10 12



Nicolai Brommann Carøe, Managing partner and Attorney:

As managing partner, Nicolai is responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of the law firm.

He primarily advises on employment law, company law, and other business law matters. He also has experience in business operations through participation in boards and advisory boards.

Nicolai has also helped our clients with several lawsuits for more than ten years. In 2018, he was awarded the right to appear before the Supreme Court.

With his background, he has a business-minded and pragmatic approach to all issues, focusing on what creates the most optimal solution for the customer.

In 2017, Nicolai was elected chairman of the board of Horsens Advokatforening.

Contact details: 

Direct: + 45 76 28 14 27

Mobile: + 45 28 70 00 01



Eva Kaya, Attorney(L)/LL.M:

Eva works for Danish and foreign business clients, especially within the preparation and review of contracts in Danish and English, marketing, purchase and sale of goods and services, employment law and company law.

Several of her clients are in the machine trading industry, and since 2006 she has been a lawyer for the Danish Machine Dealers Association.

Through Advokatgruppen’s membership of the global law network Multilaw, Eva assists those of our Danish clients who need international legal expertise; Multilaw is an elite network of law firms in 100 countries with 8,500 lawyers. She is one of the contact persons for Multilaw in Denmark.

In addition, Eva helps many foreign clients involved in business activities in Denmark, for example, with company formation, ownership agreements, employment and dismissals, liquidation, contact with authorities, etc.

For several years, she has taught the Danish Machine Dealers Association’s members in marketing law, e-commerce, the law concerning the purchase and sale of goods, and generational succession.

Contact details: 

Direct: +45 33 70 44 44



Dan Dahl Rahimian, Attorney:

As part of Team Company Law and Team Litigation, Dan works with a wide range of area of cases within business law, including company law, commercial contracts, business transfers and litigation.

Dan has a master’s degree in law from Aarhus University and has also passed the Norwegian bar exam at Juristenes Utdanningssenter (JUS) in Oslo. After working at a Norwegian law firm for some years, he was appointed a Norwegian lawyer. With this international experience, he will assist clients who want legal expertise in both Denmark and Norway.

Contact details: 

Direct: + 87 32 81 24

Mobile: +45 29 60 89 60



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