Even the best esports player needs a strong team

Esports has gradually become increasingly more present in our everyday lives and is one of the fastest growing sports, seeing an explosive interest in the last few years. Whether you are a player, a club, a sponsor, an investor, an association, or active in esports in another capacity, it is important to have your legal matters in place. The esports industry has however, had a hard time doing so, due to the large number of new players.

It is never optimal to run a so-called “Eco round”, as is the term for reducing ones cost of (virtual) equipment within the esports world. However, it is crucial that you never try to cut corners short and reduce your costs when it comes to legal matters. You cannot blame the game, the referee, the “admin”, or the equipment for not having secured yourself legally. Advokatgruppen offers highly qualified legal counselling by specialized esports lawyers. Advokatgruppen always works with an eye-level approach, ensuring legal advice for everyone.

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Lawyers specialized in esports

Our legal advice is equivalent to a “Full Buy”. This means that when choosing Advokatgruppen you are equipped in the best possible way to perform in the world of esports. After ensuring your legal matters, the game is yours  and it is up to you to decide whether you, for example, decide to park the bus with a 5-3-2 formation in FIFA, or if you storm “B” via “banana” in CS:GO.

Our esports lawyers keep their finger on the pulse within the industry and closely follow the development of esports. With our unique insight and interest in esports, including our representation and collaboration with esports clubs, players, associations, sponsors, and investors, our specialized esports team will be able to assist with advice regarding all aspects of esports.

Whether you are already a professional esports player, or you are about to get your first esports contract, legal counselling is always a great place to start. There are several issues that neither agents, friends, family, or acquaintances will be aware of, or can secure you against. For this reason, we encourage younger esports players to involve parents or guardians.  Our experience shows that including parents/guardians in legal decisions has a positive effect in a family context, even though you may have already included your parents/ guardians when purchasing, for example, “Coins” or “Skins”, in the past.

Sponsor for esports teams

As a sponsor or investor, we are aware that you may have difficulty navigating how to invest in esports, including what potential pitfalls there may be. At Advokatgruppen, we are be able to act as sounding boards and give you relevant recommendations regarding trends, players, clubs, associations, and tournaments, due to our in-depth knowledge of esports. In addition, we can, of course, assist with any necessary legal advice.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the legal aspects of esports. We are, of course, always happy to set up an initial discussion free of charge.

Remember the good manners online – GLHF (Good Luck, Have Fun).

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