Employment contracts

Once you have found the right employee, we will help make the contract

On a daily basis, Advokatgruppen’s lawyers help various companies with drafting employment contracts or reviewing the companies’ existing contracts.

We are ready to help you draft the contract that is right for your business and the employee in question, regardless of the type of employee you need to hire.

Requirements for employment contracts

When drafting the employment contract, one must be aware that some information under the Employment Certificates Act is mandatory and thus must be included, regardless of whether the employee is covered by the Salaried Employees Act or employed on other terms. This applies to the following information:

  • The address of both the employer and the employee
  • The workplace location – or information that the employee is to conduct his or her work at multiple or shifting addresses
  • A description of the job content or the employee’s title, rank, position, or job category
  • The beginning of the employment relationship
  • The expected duration of the employment relationship if the duration of the employment is not indefinite
  • The employee’s rights regarding paid holiday, including whether salary is paid during holidays
  • The employer’s and the employee’s respective notice of termination or the rules thereon
  • The applicable or agreed salary to which the employee is entitled at the beginning of the employment relationship, as well as supplements and benefits that are not included in the base salary, and when the salary is paid
  • The average weekly or daily working hours
  • An indication of which collective agreements govern the employment relationship and which parties they have been entered into between, if they have been entered into between parties outside the company

If the legal requirements for the employment contract are not met, you risk that your employee is entitled to a compensation equal to up to 13 weeks’ salary.



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