Special legislation

Within an almost infinite number of special legislations, some rules regulate companies and their operations, and where violation of the law is potentially considered a criminal offence. This, among other things, applies to areas such as VAT, taxes and illegal corporate structures. Often, special authorities administer these rules.

This means that commercial criminal law is one of the broadest areas of criminal law and one of the most complicated. For example, it isn’t easy to know how to behave if the tax authorities and the police seize the entire bookkeeping material. It would be best if you allied yourself with a lawyer with extensive experience and specialization in such a complex area of ​​law.

At Advokatgruppen, we have experts in commercial criminal law ready to help you.

Our expertise

Among other things, we have experience in handling cases regarding:

  • Working environment legislation – accidents, injunctions, etc.
  • Environmental legislation
  • Agricultural, animal and fishing related legislation
  • Maritime and transport law
  • Traffic and heavy goods and vehicles cases

The above mentioned experience with our defence attorneys, supplemented by experience from previous employments with the police and the prosecution, and our in-depth professional understanding, means that we can provide you with the best possible assistance during a criminal case. In addition, we can advise on the rights your company has to coercive action, the authorities’ competence, the authorities’ press coverage of the case, etc.

Working environment legislation

Today, you will find the rules on various requirements for the working environment in the working environment legislation. These rules must be observed in companies and on construction sites, and it can be crucial with advice from experts in this. At Advokatgruppen, we have skilled lawyers in Horsens, Aarhus and Fredericia. They can help you ensure that you comply with these rules so that your employees work under the right conditions.

Environmental legislation

Today, the environment is an essential parameter for the consumer, and therefore companies must have control over their environmental policy. In addition, there has been a significant focus on the environment on the part of the government. It is, therefore, crucial to have the right experts to advise your company on environmental rules and legislation, as today there are great demands on the operation of your company. At Advokatgruppen, we have extensive experience counselling individuals and companies in environmental law.

Agriculture and fishing

The regulation of agriculture and commercial fishing has been tightened in recent years. This means that you must now consider new options as to how to run and own your farm or fishery and how to operate your fishing business, as there are now stricter requirements regarding pollution, fishing quotas, feed, labelling and marketing. At Advokatgruppen, we embrace the entire legal spectrum within agriculture and fishing. We advise both large and small companies throughout their value chain – from the production of your raw materials to the marketing and protection of your rights.

Maritime and transport law

Transport of goods and passengers can take place in many ways, and today ships, trains, cars, planes and even bicycles are used when transporting things and people. It is, therefore, a good idea to have a skilled legal partner who can navigate your business safely through the waters of the many international conventions such as CISG, Incoterms and UCP 600. You can read more about this here.

Traffic and heavy goods and vehicles cases

Today, companies are increasingly imposed with complex sets of rules from both the Danish Parliament, administrative authorities and the EU, and these rules are often interpreted against common business sense. This often results in considerable fines, revocation of permits and disqualifications. At Advokatgruppen, we have unique knowledge of traffic and heavy goods and vehicles cases.

Know your rights

A criminal case is always of a severe and intrusive nature. The outcome can have a significant impact on your and your company’s future, which is why it is crucial to choose a specialized and skilled defence lawyer. The choice of a defence attorney is yours!

When the police contact you, observe the following:

  • Ask for a lawyer. Remember we have a 24-hour phone.
  • Do not let yourself be questioned until your lawyer has read through the case file.
  • Do not consent to any seizure or search unless your lawyer has advised you to do so.

Have you been charged with a criminal offence?

If you have a business-related criminal case or suspect that one might be on the way, we are ready to help you! Our defence attorneys specialize in conducting criminal cases. With experience from both employments at the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the police, we assist you with broad knowledge and extensive experience. Call us for a no-obligation and confidential talk.

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