Heavy goods and vehicles cases

The haulage industry and particular professional drivers from other industries are subject to a comprehensive system of rules for drivers, permits, vehicles, working hours, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to contact a lawyer with expertise in cases regarding heavy goods and vehicles.

The rules, and the cases they entail, are vastly different from ordinary cases because the presentation of evidence is often very technical and require an understanding of this. The case law shows that the evidence and interpretative elements critical in these cases are quite different from those in ordinary criminal cases.

Experts in heavy goods and vehicles cases

We have extensive experience regarding

  • Driving/restitution time cases
  • Cases of violation of the executive order regarding vehicle and cargo dimensions. For example, cases regarding overloading and exceeding the allowed total weight, axle load, width and hight of the load, etc.
  • The Danish Freight Transport Act – Driving without a permit, working conditions, detention of a truck, etc.
  • The Danish Traffic Act. Especially cases of disqualification due to speeding, close driving, traffic accidents, overloading, faults/defects in the vehicle according to the executive order regarding vehicle equipment and cases where essential traffic safety considerations have allegedly been violated
  • Exceptional load transport
  • EU Regulation 1072/2009 on international freight services at the expense of another and cabotage services

At Advokatgruppen, our skilled lawyers are ready to help you with your case. We are a full-service law firm with three offices in Denmark. We believe that law should be straightforward, and we have been doing so since we started in 1987. You are also welcome to contact us for a free assessment of your heavy goods and vehicles case.

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