Commercial cases covered by the Danish Criminal Code

There are not many provisions in the Danish Criminal Code that make it possible to punish a company. The provisions of the Criminal Code are predominantly directed at physical persons.

This type of case, therefore, most often concerns one of the following situations:

  • A person from the company has been charged/prosecuted for criminal violations.
  • Typical property crimes such as theft, embezzlement or fraud. However, it can also be violations of other laws, e.g. insider trading, cybercrime, and money laundering.

Commercial criminal cases

The accused and possibly the company needs a lawyer as early as possible, who knows how best to take care of the client’s interests in commercial criminal cases.

The company’s management receives information indicating that one or more employees have committed a criminal offence.

Often the company’s management wants to have the matter thoroughly investigated before authorities are involved. Maybe you do not wish to involve authorities at all. Instead, an internal investigation is desired with a view to disciplinary consequences, e.g. summary dismissal. In addition, this might be to ensure that the case does not come to the attention of the press.

Let us advise you

Here we can assist the company with an internal investigation, advice on the legal framework for disciplinary reactions, dismissal, settlement options etc.

At Advokatgruppen, we have employment law expertise to ensure that the basis for, for example, a summary dismissal or agreement is watertight. Our examination is conducted by Rasmus Lind Hardt among others. With his investigative experience from the police and later as a prosecutor, he is the guarantor of a professional and objective investigation and assessment of the evidence.

With an internal investigation carried out by a lawyer, you have the unique advantage that the lawyer’s knowledge and the investigation material are covered by a statutory duty of confidentiality which does not automatically apply to other actors.

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