Commercial criminal law

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What is a commercial criminal law?

Commercial criminal law is one of the broadest areas of criminal law and (non-exhaustively) includes cases concerning:

  • VAT, taxes and charges
  • Share dividend
  • Illegal corporate structures and loans to shareholders
  • Etc.

As the accused, you typically need a lawyer from day one, who is specialised and experienced in this complex area of ​​law. What do you do if the Danish Tax Agency and the police show up in front of your company and seize all the bookkeeping material, your assets, computers, cars, etc.? Is it even necessary, and do they have the right to do this? How should your business continue operations after the seizure?

We are one of the few law firms in Denmark that can fully help you with commercial criminal law.

What can the consequences be?

Complex sets of rules are increasingly being imposed on companies by the Danish parliament, administrative authorities, and the EU. The rules are often interpreted against common business sense and all too often entail considerable fines, withdrawal of permits, and disqualifications.

The authorities that monitor businesses have a large machinery consisting of lawyers and specialists. They expect companies as professionals to be fully aware of and in accordance with the relevant legislation. Documentation is often required on a large scale, regarding administrative rules.

If you are in doubt whether violations have been committed in your company, please contact us.

This is how we can help you

As a full-service law firm, we can provide specialists in criminal law as well as commercial and company law.

Therefore, we can help you with all the challenges that might arise for your company during a criminal case.

If you let us help you, you will get a defence lawyer with a large pool of experience and a network of specialists to draw upon, who, regardless of the professional nature of the task, will be able to advise you from day one.

An example could be two lawyers specialized in criminal law and commercial law respectively, who together will be responsible for your case.

Have you been charged with a commercial criminal offence? Then remember the following when you are contacted by the police:

  • Contact a lawyer and inform the police that he or she represents you in the case. At Advokatgruppen, we are always ready to help you.
  • Insist on not speaking or giving a statement until you have spoken to your lawyer and received the necessary guidance.
  • Insist that no search or seizure be allowed unless your lawyer advises you to allow it.

Get professional advice on commercial criminal law

There are many rules in commercial criminal law, which can figuratively speaking be a jungle for business owners. That’s where we come in. Contact us today for a free and non-binding conversation about your need for our advice.


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