Business law

A large proportion of our lawyers deal with business law matters.

Most companies – large and small – need legal advice from time to time. Together, our team of lawyers covers most of the legal areas relevant to the actors in the private business sector.

As a business client at Advokatgruppen, you can expect to be met by a team of competent and professional lawyers.

No matter what tasks we undertake for our clients, our criterion of success is that our advice is straightforward and adds value. This has been the case since 1987, and this means that we have a constant focus, not only on providing a legally correct solution but on delivering a solution that makes sense for the company in question. Finding the right solution requires knowledge about the company, which we gain through dialogue and sparring. Most of our lawyers have personal experience running a business, and our entire team possesses a sound business acumen and a keen analytical sense.

In our business department, we deal with

  • Employment law
  • Corporate law and corporate forms
  • Contract law and contracts
  • Succession
  • Commercial agents and conditions of trade
  • Intellectual property law
  • Real estate and commercial tenancy law
  • Commercial criminal law
  • Debt collection, bankruptcy, and insolvency
  • Data protection
  • Construction law
  • Transport law
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Tech and e-sports etc.
  • International contracts and conditions.

We help clients all over the world.

Through our membership of the recognized lawyer network Multilaw, we can offer advice to companies with activities outside Denmark’s borders in collaboration with more than 10,000 lawyers from 90 law firms in 100 different countries, which in addition to the European countries, among others, also includes the United States, China and Japan.

You can read more about the network here!

Our goal is to be thought of as part of the company. That is why we have created a unique concept – Legal Services – for those companies that do not have their own legal department.

If you are in doubt about who with us is best qualified to help you, call +45 70 10 13 30 or send us an inquiry via the contact form, after which we will contact you as soon as possible for an initial discussion and identification of needs.

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